We offer a range of payment options. You can pay for your treatments and skin care products by cash, credit card or EFTPOS card, Farmers Card, Q-Card and we now offer Oxipay.

Talk to us about the option that best suits you.

Ways to pay

Botulinum A

There may be some variation in dosage levels, this will be discussed with you after your clinical assessment and prior to treatment.

starting from $150

Frown complex starting from $300-$375

Crow’s feet starting from $225-$300

Jawline (teeth grinding muscle) starting from $600-$640

Hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating)  starting from $900-$1,300


Advanced areas:

Bunny lines, lips (pursing), chin, mouth frown (corners of mouth) starting from $80 per area

Neck starting from $300-$630

Costs are based on a per unit price of $7.50 per Dysport and $18.50 per Botox

Dermal Fillers

Fine line/Skin hydration booster 1ml $450

Medium/naso labial, chin & cheeks 1m $660

Deep/lifting mid face, cheeks & jawline 1ml $790

Lip filler/augmentation lines and peri-oral 1ml $660

Combo of 2ml treatments, discounted:

2 fine 2ml $675

2 mediums 2ml $1,200

1 medium + 1 deep 2ml $1,350

2 deep 2ml $1,450

2 deep + 1 medium 3ml $1,850

Treatment costs include a follow up appointment to review results

Advanced Skincare Treatments

IPL From $100

Microdermabrasion $100

LED $90

Ulfit Skin Tightening From $600

Tattoo Removal From $50

Accent 3 (designer facial) $160

Factor4 (course of 4) $2000

Dermal Needling (includes LED) $350

Platelet Rich Plasma $600

Cooltech Fat freezing From $500-$1000 per treatment

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