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What is Lotus Gynolaser and What it does?

Lotus GynoLaser offers predictable, effective treatment for the symptoms of vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS), vaginal atrophy (ageing) and stress urinary incontinence (light bladder leakage).

These conditions can affect women of all ages, causing physical discomfort as well as emotional stress, and a loss of confidence, both personally and in their intimate relationships.

The Lotus GynoLaser treatment works by stimulating the body’s own regenerative processes to improve blood circulation, regenerate healthier vaginal mucosa, restoring a normal physiological and chemical environment, in order to address the thinning of the vaginal epithelium. This in turn can also improve the strength and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles and may contribute to a tighter and better lubricated vaginal wall. The Lotus GynoLaser additionally offers a predictable and effective treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence.

The results of the Lotus GynoLaser start to be apparent at the cellular level from the first treatment. For maximum benefit, it is best to do a complete cycle of three sessions at intervals of approximately 30-60 days. The full number of sessions can be tailored to the patient’s individual situation, particularly the degree of vaginal atrophy or laxity to be treated.

A thorough history and exam should always proceed the development of a specific therapeutic plan. Once the desired level of improvement with symptoms has been reached, it is advisable to perform one or two maintenance sessions approximately one year after the end of the treatment cycle.

Lotus gynolaser