Remove that bulge that won’t respond to diet and exercise.

Clatuu Alpha technology involves a process called ‘cryo lipolysis’ where fat cells are frozen by a controlled cooling system and then eliminated naturally, without damage to your skin or other cells.

The method is non-invasive, safe and very effective, almost painless and requires no time-out for recovery.

Clatuu Alpha is a gentle treatment and is particularly effective on ‘stubborn’ or other specific areas that you want to reduce. Clatuu Alpha treatments expect to remove 25-30% of the localised fat in the areas treated.

Cool tech Fat Freezing | Fat removal Treatment Wellington

Treatment involves a vacuum applicator which draws in skin and fat then cools the tissue in the cooling cup for up to 70 minutes.

The procedure is for spot reduction of fat. It is not an overall weight loss solution. You may require 1-3 treatments per area every 6-8 weeks for best results.

As with all procedures, results vary from person to person. 

Ideal candidates for Clatuu Alpha treatment are generally those who are within, or just a little over, their appropriate weight, but who have fat bulges that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

fat removal treatment wellington accent on skin
fat removal treatment wellington accent on skin

Or, if you are facing:

  • Post pregnancy fat deposits on your tummy area
  • ‘Middle-age spread’ bulges on the sides and front of your abdomen
  • ‘Love handle’ fat deposits on the sides of your body
  • Rolls of fat on your back
  • Upper arm or inner thigh fat deposits.

Clatuu Alpha treatment is NOT for everyone. If you are underweight or more than a little overweight, or have lost a great deal of weight and have loose rolls of skin, your practitioner will recommend an alternative treatment.

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