The desire to stay looking young and healthy irrespective of age is universal. Everyone wants to look their best at all times with skin so fresh and smooth that it glows.

Many people find the usual signs of aging such as wrinkles, eye bags or sagging skin as a source of concern. These telltale signs of getting old have been proven to dampen the spirits of many people who are very careful with their skincare and health.

Young people, too, who are undergoing or have undergone puberty and are left with the aftermath consequences such as acne scars, open pores, skin discolouration and other skin blemishes, have also been known to express worry about how these blemishes affect their outward appearance and the ripple effect it has on their self-esteem and confidence.

However, these skin health issues can now be addressed with new advancements in technology. RF micro-needling treatment is a swift method of dealing with these skin issues without surgery.

Does RF Needling really work?

Indeed, with RF micro-needling treatment, you can improve brown spots, wrinkles, acne scars, loose skin and other skin blemishes and welcome your new complexion and rejuvenated skin. This skin treatment and rejuvenation method has attracted increased attention from skincare experts and enthusiasts. 

RF micro-needling treatment is a cosmetic process of using radiofrequency waves and micro needling to make the skin look and feel revitalised. 

IS RF Micro-needling, right choice for you?

If you are yet to make up your mind about what skin treatment method to try out, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we shall lay bare the pros and cons of RF micro-needling treatment, and we believe it will help you make a wise decision about your skincare.

Creams, lotions, gels and other skincare products may temporarily relieve minor skin imperfections. Still, if you want to put an end to those stubborn skin defects that give you so much cause to worry, you may need an advanced treatment such as RF needling to effect changes in your skin – the dermis where collagen and elastin are produced. These are essential  molecules/ structures that support your whole skin structure.

What Happens When You Get RF Micro-needling?

RF micro-needling involves using sterilised micro-needles to cause very tiny entry wounds into the skin. When they are in the skin the needles also introduce radio frequency onto the area of the skin called the dermis. The needling activates the capillaries, elastin and collagen formation while the radiofrequency waves complement the effects of the micro-needling by tightening the skin. The RF tightening happens in the initial phase but collagen production happens in the healing phase over 4-6 weeks after treatment. The result is skin that is smoother, thicker and freer of blemishes. A course may be needed depending on your concerns.

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RF Micro-needling Procedure

The process begins with a complete cleanse of your face or area to be treated.

  1. Anaesthetic cream is applied and left on for up to an hour to give good penetration and effective numbness. This is important as the radiofrequency energy generates heat in the dermis

2. A disposal tip is attached to the machine; it has a microchip to safeguard your health Рit can only be used once and then it is disposed of. This technology interacts with the computer to adjust the treatment for different areas of the face and body.  Your skin is finer and more delicate in some areas such as under your eyes, and so the needle depth is adjusted and the intensity of the radio frequency too. The programs developed for treatment are based on extensive clinical trials to optimise results and reduce side effects

3. Afterwards a soothing mask is applied to help reduce redness and swelling. Occasionally there could be a small bruise at an entry point or swelling around an entry point like an insect bite – antihistamines help this reaction

4. Sun protection is vital as your skin is more vulnerable to sun damage in its inflamed but healing phase, and we all know UV rays break down collagen which is what we are trying to build more of!

The face is the most likely skin area where people get RF micro-needling treatment, but the treatment can be performed on other parts of the body such as the upper arms, neck, decolletage, thighs, back, belly, etc.

Benefits of RF needling¬†–

Some of the many benefits of RF micro-needling include reducing acne scars, pigmentation and  induced skin tightening to give smoother, firmer lifted skin. And that is not all: micro-needling treatment is also effective against sun damage, skin aging, large skin pores, fights stretch marks and gives your skin a sparkling glow and better texture because of your own collagen production. To cap it all off, it gives fewer side effects compared to other cosmetic procedures such as laser treatment, surgery, or chemical peels.

Downsides of RF needling

As we made clear earlier, the downsides of RF micro-needling treatment are limited. Particularly when compared to more invasive cosmetic procedures like surgery or laser treatment. 

Some side effects from this treatment include redness and swelling of the area treated for 24- 48 hours depending on your skin sensitivity. Side effects also can include bruises, itching, or peeling. You may also experience skin irritation when you apply other skincare products after the treatment so just use gentle products, nothing too active for a few days! Sunblock is essential

Consult your Cosmetic Nurse before getting the Treatment done.

You must consult your cosmetic Nurse or Doctor to have a full medical history taken to determine your suitability. Then have the procedure explained clearly including realistic expectation of results, potential side effects, downtime, costs and the need for a series of treatments  to achieve your goals

Do have treatment with an experienced practitioner, a clinic with a good reputation- sterility and good infection control procedures to prevent infection are not to be overlooked when going for this skin rejuvenation process as large areas of skin can be treated.

I hope this has helped you with a better understanding of RF micro-needling and your search for better skin!

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